It's summertime and many of us will be doing more traveling, going on vacation and visiting loved ones. If you're travelling with a walking aid, here are a few important things to consider.

Do I need a seat? Would it be better to be pushed?

WalkerVacations can mean a lot of time spent relaxing. But they can also mean a lot of walking around. For this reason, you might consider using a rollator (also known as a rolling walker) instead of a traditional walker.

Rollators don't have to be picked up to move, making them more mobile than traditional walkers. Plus, many rollators have seats or can double as a full transport chair, allowing you to walk or rest as much as you like.

Is my walker portable?

Adjustable seat height rollatorWhether you're flying or driving, you'll want a walker that's easily portable. We offer a range of lightweight rollators and walkers, many of which feature a simple folding mechanism to make travel and storage easy. Specifically, we recommend the Drive Adjustable Seat Height Rollator and Invacare Dual Paddle Release Adult Walker. Both are highly functional, durable products and have been well reviewed by our customers.

What accessories will I want?

If you're carrying anything, a walker bag or basket will help. If you plan to be out much, consider getting a cup holder for convenient thirst quenching. You may even wish to get a walker tray which allows you to carry food and drink easily.

Wherever you're going this summer, may your travels be safe and fun!