Who says Germans don't have a sense of humor? A nursing home in Hannover, Germany recently started a "Pimp My Rollator" project, inspired by the popular MTV series "Pimp My Ride."

Nursing home residents, including some who can no longer walk without a rolator, redesigned and rebuilt their rollators to reflect their personality. According to nursing home manager Gregor Brill, the project was inspired by a simple problem - due to the similarity of so many rollators, residents often had trouble picking out their own after group meals.

But these pimped rolators would be hard to confuse. Take for example:

  • The Grillator, designed by Friedhelm Reinfelder (71). Friedhelm, who clearly has his priorities straight, replaced his walker basket with a barbeque grill. The Grillator comes with sausage, ketchup, and a bottle of beer.
  • Pink Lady RollatorThe Pink Lady, designed by Ilse Kohler (90). Ilse, a flower enthusiast, removed her basket, tray and cane holder to add a large potted plant. The Pink Lady also features artificial flowers on the frame and sparkling rhinestones on the wheels.
  • The Blumenator, another garden themed rolator which comes complete with gnome. For those of us who don’t speak German, “blumen” means flowers. Also, Blumenator sounds a lot cooler than Flowerator.
  • The Blinkinator, designed by Christine Bierwirth (62). The Blinkinator features festive greenery and colorful blinking lights. “Blinken” is German for blinking.