The easiest way to transport your personal belongings with you when you are using your walker is to use a basket that easily attaches to the front of your walker. Baskets eliminate the need to carry around a bulky bag or obstructive purse, which are difficult to carry when your two hands are already occupied.

While you will find plenty of metallic wire walker baskets available on our site, we really urge you to take a look at the Carex Walker Basket, a unique alternative to the traditional walker baskets. The Carex basket is unique because it is the only basket that actually zips up and conceals your personal belongings, just like a purse or backpack. The black canvas exterior is durable and perfect for carrying all of your essential items.

Because it is canvas, small items can be contained without falling through the spaces, unlike wire baskets. Elastic straps inside the bag secure your items and prevent them from tipping over. The Carex Walker Basket also folds up and can be stored almost anywhere if you ever feel like removing it from your walker.