Millennial In-Motion Pro Crutches, 1 Pair


The Details
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  • Spring-assisted, articulating crutch tips for improved mobility
  • Articulating Crutch Tips
  • Convenient folding ability for easier storage
  • Sleek, minimal design for ease of use
  • Aircraft grade aluminum for increased durability
  • Weighs: 2.5 lbs per crutch
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
Attribute Details
Warranty One year warranty by MILLENNIAL
Manufacturer / Item Code Millennial / MWD6CN
Weight Capacity Range 401-500 lbs
Item Weight 0-10 lbs
Height 42.5 inches to 66 inches (depends on crutch size)
Product Weight 2.5 lbs each (5 lbs together)
UPC Code 186082000050, 186082000012, 186082000029


Standing upright with good posture, hands to the sides, measure from the floor to the underarm. Using this measurement, look at the range of cradle heights and be certain the measurement is within the range of this crutch.

Size User Height Height Adjustments
Short 4’7” – 5’7” Crutch height: 42.5” – 50.5”
Tall 5’7” – 6’10” Crutch height: 50” – 62.5”
Extra Tall 5’10” – 7’2” Crutch height: 54” – 66”
Additional Info
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The unique design of the Millennial Crutch fuses ergonomics, spring assistance technology, and convenience to deliver the most comfortable and innovative crutch available. With the patented In-Motion spring-assisted tip and unique folding design, the In-Motion Pro folding crutches offer the best available alternative to standard crutches.

In-Motion Pro Crutches' ergonomic design works with you and your body to create a more comfortable crutch that helps you maintain proper posture, relieve damaging stress on your hands and wrists, and reduce the overall chance of secondary injury.

The In-Motion Pro Crutches have been designed from the ground up to address the problems associated with using traditional crutches, as its various features work together to provide a more comfortable experience. These features include the large underarm cradle, an ergonomic grip (see image below), the popular folding design, and the tip with a shock absorbing/power assist feature. Designed for extended use, these crutches have tips that last 35% longer than traditional crutch tips, and feature a shaft made from aircraft grade aluminum that resists dents and bending. The extended adjustable range of the crutch also fits a larger number of heights than any standard underarm crutch.

Millennial Pro Crutches
Millennial Pro Crutches

I recommend Millennial crutches over traditional crutches for two reasons. First, they are ergonomically designed to take the stress out of your neck, shoulders and armpits and secondly, they feature a shock absorbing/power assist feature, which increases your mobility speed by 10%. The ergonomic handgrips are designed at an angle to reduce wrist strain and help the hands stay securely in place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Big m.
Not as solid as I hoped, but ok. Customer service 10/10 though

6’10” and 420 lb ex-college bball player here. I still get around well but when a foot surgery took me out for a few weeks, these were the best option I had found. Supposedly rated for anyone up to 7’1” I believe and up to 500lbs, I was disappointed when I used the crutches to walk into Costco when all of a sudden, BEND! Even when using the crutches as directed, and after properly fitting them to me, they bent right in the center metal section. Very embarrassing. HOWEVER, I called the manufacturer and although I should have called JustWalkers, they sent a warranty replacement right then and there. Even though the crutches may well fail again, customer service made up for the failure. Would still recommend.

Reginald Z.

Absolutely and completely satisfied with my choice of purchase. They were positively helpful when it came down to tracking down my order and purchase even though it wasn't exactly their responsibility. Greatly appreciated. I received my order 2 days before my total hip replacement allowing me time to practice with the millennial in motion crutches beforehand. 💯 recommend anyone searching for medical supply equipment to start HERE...

Stan S.

Didn't work for me, I'm an amputee and couldn't seem to get the hang of using them. I returned them for a refund

Bryan L.
Not what they were.

Been using them for over a decade, each pair lasted almost three or four years. Bought a new pair recently and was sorely disappointed. The tube construction was thin walled and wobbly right out of the package. The grips have shrunk in size and are made from a hard slippery plastic.. they did come with an extra pair of tips, which I’ve never needed to replace. They feel unsafe going upstairs.

Samuel D.J.
Sam’s Review of the In-Motion Crutches

Excellent stability and less strain on the underarms as long as you put most of the pressure on your hands as you take each step.