Love it or hate it, winter is upon us. And while it comes with many fun treats—holidays, sales, hot chocolate—it also makes getting around trickier, especially if you use a mobility aid. Here our top tips for safely getting around during the winter.

 1. Use a Safety Mobility Light

Night now arrives sooner and stays later. On top of that, winter storms can cause power outages. To navigate your home safely at night, use a mobility light. These attach to your walker or rollator and light up your path. We recommend the See 4 Safety Mobility Light as it automatically turns on and off when needed, so you don’t have to worry about buttons.

 2. Beware of Ice

Ice and snow can cause walking aids to slide forward farther and faster than they should, potentially resulting in falls. Avoid walking on snow or ice whenever possible.

 3. Ice Grips

If you use a cane or crutch and cannot avoid walking on ice or snow, try getting an ice grip. These attach to the bottom of your cane, providing traction and therefore greater stability. But you’ll still need to use extreme caution if walking on ice.

 4. Fleece Covers

Whether you use a cane, crutch or walker, its handles are bound to get cold. Using a fleece cover will protect your hands from that cold. Many mobility aid users find fleece covers more comfortable and use them in the summer as well.

 5. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

When going outside in the winter, you know to dress warmly and avoid the ice. But what’s easy to forget is using sunscreen. But if it’s snowed, that bright white snow will reflect the sun right at you and can cause sunburns. So make sure to have some sunscreen on hand.