The 4 Best Bariatric Rollators

December 26, 2012 1 min read

Drive Go Lite Bariatric Steel RollatorBariatric rollators, sometimes called heavy duty rollators, are designed to accommodate larger users. They’re wider than a traditional rollator and many can support up to 500 pounds. Here are the most popular models.

1. Drive Go Lite Bariatric Steel Rollator

Our pharmacist recommended bariatric rollator is also our cheapest. The Drive Go Lite Rollator has the largest width between handles, fitting users of all sizes. Even though it supports 500 pounds, it only weighs 26 pounds making it relatively light and great for travel. It features a reinforced steel frame and 8 inch wheels designed for indoor and outdoor use.

 2. Medline Heavy Duty Rollator

Though it only supports 400 pounds, the Medline Heavy Duty Rollator is the lightest of all our bariatric rollators at merely 19 pounds! It offers an easy folding mechanism convenient for storage and travel. Plus, it’s super comfortable with a padded seat and curved back rest.

 3. Mabis Lightweight Extra-Wide Heavy-Duty Rollator

Another lightweight option is the Mabis Extra-Wide Heavy-Duty Rollator at 21 pounds. It supports up to 375 pounds and is 22.5 inches between the handles, giving users plenty of room. The rollator is available in burgundy, royal blue and titanium.

 4. Lumex Walkabout Four-Wheel Imperial Rollator

The Lumex Walkabout only weighs 20 pounds, but supports over 500! It was designed for user safety, featuring secure loop-lock handbrakes and built in rear-reflectors to keep users visible at night. Plus, it comes with a large removable basket under the seat for transporting personal items.