7 Tips for Safely Using a Rolling Walker

December 13, 2012 1 min read

4 Wheel Rolling WalkerRolling walkers, or rollators, are walkers with a wheel at the bottom of each leg. Though they’re relatively easy to use, there are some things you should do to ensure you have the best and safest experience. Here are our tips for safe rollator use, though we encourage you to seek guidance from a medical health practitioner for your specific situation.

  1. Many rollators include a seat for resting. When sitting down or standing up, make sure your rollator’s brakes are engaged so it and you don’t slip.

  2. When standing, use your legs to lift yourself instead of your arms. Use your arms for keeping balance.

  3. Place the rollator slightly ahead of you before you start taking steps.

  4. Push the rollator forward at a comfortable distance. For stability, make sure part of your body such as your toes stays within the rollator’s frame at all times.

  5. Some users may notice their stride is uneven. If this happens, it’s best to shorten your longer step rather than lengthening your shorter step. Generally, the shorter step you take is where you have less balance.

  6. In kitchens and bathrooms, it may be easier to support yourself with the counters rather than your rollator. But keep the rollator within reach.

  7. If you need to turn around, make sure to stay within the width of the rollator. Roll it around with you, keeping your body parallel to the front bar; don’t twist your back. You should always be facing the front of the rollator.

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