Are you one of the many people looking for a pink walker or pink rollator? If so, you may have come across the Medline Breast Cancer Awareness Rollator. This attractive pink rollator has a bright pink frame with black detailing, and the familiar pink breast cancer ribbon adds a unique touch to the seat and the padded backrest. It’s made by Medline, one of the largest manufacturers of mobility products in the United States.

But did you wonder what exactly that pink rollator did for breast cancer? The answer is an inspiring one. Medline actually offers several mobility products with the branding of the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon. A portion of the proceeds from each product goes towards a yearly donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, in a campaign they call “Together We Can Save Lives Through Early Detection.” So far, Medline has donated more than $500,000 to fund hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Medline sees it as a mission to help support nurses and healthcare professionals in the fight against breast cancer, and works to provide women with free mammograms when and where they need them. The Medline Breast Cancer Awareness Rollator is only one part of their campaign, but it is possibly the most recognizable part. By purchasing the pink rollator, not only are you making a donation to a worthy cause and not only do you getting a spiffy, new, pink rollator, but you are also spreading awareness wherever you go when you use it. So go ahead – make a decision on a mobility product that you can feel good about for years to come.