I’m looking at walker aids, and I can’t decide between a tri wheeled walker and a 4 wheeled rollator. What’s the difference?

Great question! Three wheeled walkers and four wheeled walkers are very similar on the surface, but they have a few basic differences. The most obvious difference, of course, is the number of wheels. Four wheeled rollators are extremely stable walking aids. Three wheeled rollators are slightly less stable, and may not be able to negotiate difficult terrain as well as those with four wheels.

Because they do only have three wheels, three wheeled walkers tend to be smaller and lighter than four wheeled walkers. This makes them more maneuverable in tight spaces and easier to store. Four wheeled walkers are larger even when folded. Another major difference is the width. The back wheels of three wheeled rollators must be broad and stable, as the front has only a single wheel. This means most three wheeled rollators tend to be the same width – about 26 inches. However, four wheeled rollators can distribute weight around the front and back, allowing a few of them to be narrower. The Drive Let’s Go Rollator is only 22” wide.

Most four wheeled rollators come with seats, while three wheeled rollators come with trays. This is because three wheeled rollators are not stable enough to support a person’s entire weight. They are “tri wheeled walkers” in truth – meant to help you walk, and only walk. If you would like to be able to sit on your walking aid, you will want a four wheeled rollator.

So remember, the major difference is stability. Three wheeled walkers are smaller and less stable, but lighter and lighter and easier to maneuver. Four wheeled walkers are larger, but stable enough to act as a seat for you when you’re tired. Your choice comes down to a simple question: what is most important to you?