Elbow crutches are more commonly known as forearm crutches. They are often given to younger children, but they are beneficial to adults as well. Forearm crutches encourage better posture and develop upper body strength in their users. They allow you to try out different gaits for different situations. People who will need to be on crutches long term are sometimes encouraged to try forearm crutches for these reasons.

Forearm crutches clasp just below the elbow, hence the nickname ‘elbow crutch.’ They are generally considered better for you, and they are definitely more comfortable than the more common underarm or armpit crutch. Underarm crutches can rub and press in ways that cause discomfort, but forearm crutches are easily adjustable to the wearer. They are smaller and more streamlined than their more common cousins as well, making them easier to haul around with you. EuroStyle forearm crutches are smooth and streamlined, making them very comfortable and easy to use.

So while you may not be familiar with ‘elbow crutches’ right now, you may want to try them out. While they can be a little more expensive, forearm crutches can help with your posture and comfort. New things are always good for keeping you on your toes- or in this case, on your feet. And they might just end up making your life a whole lot easier. After all, we all know underarm crutches are the pits!