The burden of picking up your walker with every step is an unwanted and unnecessary one. Solutions to it abound, and most common of all is one with which everyone is familiar: tennis balls. Tennis balls and walkers have been associated for decades. The practice of repurposing of tennis balls into impromptu walker glides has spread worldwide. But did you know we sell tennis balls pre-cut, specifically for you and your active life?

To add a little more of your own personality to your walker, why not switch from those plain green balls to something more fun? Check out our selection of bright, colorful designs to find something that fits your lifestyle. Go a little quirky with an off-beat purple, or full-on wild and crazy with an animal-like camouflage. Or show off your sporty side with our cute blue sneaker glides! Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find something to brighten your day in our wide selection of walker balls, glides, and accessories.