Last week we discussed the use of an attachable walker flashlight to improve safety and to lower the risk of falls to those with mobility impairments. The attachable light is a big step, but did you know many of the falls that happen every day are preventable? Follow this list of simple precautions, and you are sure to find yourself moving freely and without worry:

  1. Exercise regularly and keep your body healthy
  2. Having your eyes checked
  3. Review your medications with your physician
  4. Make your home safer by installing threshold ramps
  5. Pick up dropped items to keep your floors clear
  6. Wear shoes with non-slip soles
  7. Use non-slip rugs
  8. Install grab bars and non-slip mats in bathrooms
  9. Wipe up spills immediately
  10. Never rush up or down stairs, especially when using a cane
  11. Keep stairs in good repair
  12. Always use handrails
  13. Keep electrical cords out of the way
  14. Ensure tables and lamps are sturdy and stable
  15. Have a small bench in the entryway to help with putting on and removing footwear
  16. Ask for help for heavy work such as lifting boxes
  17. Improve the lighting in your home
  18. Use walking aids for daily living, including walkers, wheeled walkers, and rollators
  19. Use walker baskets or walker pouches to carry your items
  20. Consider other devices that can make your life safer, such as folding seat canes

These are all very practical suggestions, and if you use them in your home you will greatly enhance your personal safety. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have improved their lifestyle by using assistive devices to maintain their independence and reduce their dependence on family and caregivers.