People often recognize basic improvements to certain products and think “wow, how was this not thought of before?” This is how we instantly felt when we discovered the Mobility Table for Bariatric and Standard Walkers/Rollators.

Unlike other Walker/Rollator trays, the Mobility Table allows you to position the tray away from the walker or rolling walker’s interior, so that you can keep the area within the frame open for your own use. There is no need to remove it when not in use because it can be positioned to the side, and you can also use it while seated on your rollator or walker. The Mobility Table attaches to any 1 inch diameter tubing, making it ideal for several different models of walkers, rollators, and even wheelchairs.

Aside from providing a sturdy surface that holds up to 50 lbs., the Mobility Table for Bariatric and Standard Walkers/Rollators includes a plastic cup holder and hook. The hook allows you to hang your jacket, purse, or small bag so you can keep your personal items only an arm length’s away at all times.

With its unique design and functionality, choosing this item as the Pharmacist Recommended Walker Tray was easy.