Adjustable Tool Free Drink Holder

  • Cup holder snaps into place, and doesn't require tools
  • Features articulating arms to fit a variety of beverage container sizes
  • Capable of rotating out of the way so you can pass through narrow doors/corridors
  • Won't interfere with the folding of your walker

This cup holder will attach to 1" diameter tubing on your walker or rollator. This cup holder will snap onto your walker, and does not require tools to attach. This makes it much easier to attach this cup holder than most other cup holders. This cup holder also features articulated arms that adjust to 4 different sizes, allowing you to fit a wide variety of beverage containers such as cans, bottles, mugs, etc. And for even more convenience, this cup holder is capable of rotating out of the way to let you navigate through narrow doors and corridors. This cup holder will not interfere with the folding of you walker.
Manufacturer Item Code A001T
Size "N/A"

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