Best Rollator Adjusts to Many Heights

February 21, 2012 1 min read

Drive Adjustable Height RollatorFinding the ideal adjustment setting on a mobility device can sometimes be tricky. When it comes to rolling walkers, certain customers may have limited choices because most rollators have a specific fixed seat height - standard or junior, and allow you to only adjust the handle height. For users like you, who may prefer a customizable setting for the seat height, our Pharmacist Recommended choice is the Drive Adjustable Height Rollator.

This rollator allows you to adjust the seat height in 1 inch increments from 18" to 22" to perfectly fit your body. This range of adjustment spans the seat height of junior or petite rolling walkers to the standard ones. This unique feature can really be the difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable experience, depending on your height and preferences.

To earn its status as the 'Pharmacist's Recommended' 4-Wheel Rollator, the Drive Adjustable Height Rollator also had to meet other requirements. It is lightweight at only 14 pounds, it is foldable, it fits easily through standard doorways, and it is economically priced at only $99.00. In addition, this model also features a padded seat and backrest with a waterproof cloth under-seat carry pouch that folds with the rollator.

If rollator adjustability and comfort are important, then look no further!