Gift Ideas for Grandparents

December 06, 2012 2 min read

I never know what to get my grandma. She likes ice cream and game shows, but that doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of options. It’s weird to wrap a carton of ice cream and by the time it’s sat under the tree for a week, it probably won’t be in top condition.

But if you’re like me, fear not! now has a Gift Ideas section just in time for the holidays.

Safety LightGifts under $25

My grandma uses a walker. Perhaps your grandparents use a rollator or a cane. Whatever the mobility aid we have a practical accessory for it. Some of the most popular are the walker bags which make carrying items much easier. We also offer cup holders, safety lights for getting around the house at night, cane covers, and cane ice grips for improved safety on ice and snow. Or if your grandparent enjoys beating you at cards like mine does, consider a wooden or plastic card holder.

Gifts under $50

If your grandparent has a walker, consider getting a walker tray for carrying around food, drinks, books or anything else. If they like to fish, get them an attachable fishing pole holder. If they like to shop, we offer numerous folding shopping bags to make carrying items much easier. If you’re looking for something unique and cool, try the Adjustable Folding Seat Cane which transforms from useful cane to comfortable seat.

Gifts over $75

For those of you feeling generous, consider getting your grandparent a new mobility aid. Perhaps they have a traditional walker but would prefer to get around quicker with a rollator. Or maybe they’d enjoy a power scooter. We also offer alert pendants made to call 911 so you can rest assured that your grandparent is safe.