Many people who fall develop a fear of falling even if they are not injured. However, if you can prevent the fall in the first place, you will feel more safe and secure. Since poor lighting is one of the most prevalent reasons for falls, it turns out that the best thing you can do for your health and safety is simple - improve visibility!

If you or someone you know uses a walker, rollator, or transport wheelchair, there is an easy step you can take to improve safety and peace of mind. The answer is already familiar to us all-- the humble flashlight. Believe it or not, attaching a flashlight to your walking aid or wheelchair will greatly improve your safety and quality of life.

When considering attachable walker flashlights, the See 4 Safety™ Mobility Light is an excellent choice. This compact light provides hands-free illumination for users of walkers, canes, rollators and crutches with an easily attached light source.

It makes life easier and safer since it instantly knows when they need more lighting. The See 4 Safety Mobility Light is the only completely automatic mobility aid that turns itself on when in motion and when it senses a low-level light environment. This “intelligent” light turns itself off after 30 seconds if there is no motion or when it detects high light levels. It definitely makes daily activities a whole lot easier by activating when lighting conditions are too dim or dark for safe movement without fumbling with buttons.

Julie Linge, inventor of the See 4 Safety Mobility Light, explains: “This mobility light is a must have for any walker, cane, or rollator user. And when you go out at night it has the added benefit of improving your visibility to motorists. You’ll be able to see what’s in front of you, and drivers will be able to see you much more clearly.”

So be safe, lay your fears to rest, and enjoy your increased independence - all made possible simply by turning on the lights!