Has this ever happened to you? You’re walking to the theater with your cane only to discover that the line for tickets is incredibly long- and the guy at the front is having a long, drawn-out argument with the ticket seller. The walk just to get there was bad enough, and now you have to stand in line for how long? You sigh, looking wistfully at your cane, and wish you’d brought a chair instead.

Well, those wishes can come true! And don’t worry- we don’t actually expect you to give up your cane. We’re talking today about something called a ‘seat cane’ or ‘walking cane stool’. Seat canes are specially-designed canes with seats and extra legs that fold out for added support. They are very carefully engineered to remain light and functional as canes, but to provide strong, stable seats when needed.

If you are looking for a cane with seat, be aware that there are two types to choose from. Four legged seat canes are very stable quad canes that unfold to reveal a fabric sling-style seat. They are definitely the more comfortable option, though they also tend to be heavier. Three legged seat canes usually have a handle that goes between the user’s legs for added support. They have solid plastic seats, and are lighter than four legged seat canes.

Seat canes are ideal solutions for anyone who fears being caught without a place to rest. They are especially useful for those whose jobs require them to be on their feet all day, where downtime is a precious commodity. If you carry a cane seat, you will always have a chair handy when you need one. Movie theater ticket lines, long trips to the museum, or anything else- you can face them without worry, knowing you always have a chair ready when you need it.