Accessories can make life with your walker a lot easier, and there are lots of accessories out there to choose from! Here are some of the most popular walker accessories we sell, as well as what makes them so very popular.

  1. Universal Cup Holder – This handy little product is both attractive and effective at its job. The included clamp allows it to attach on to any size of walker, and the handy cut-out design lets it accommodate any style of beverage container, from a soda can to a coffee mug. Of all the cup holders we offer, this is easily the most popular.
  2. Fold Away Walker Tray– Folding walker trays are an essential walker accessory, and this is one of the best out there. The two included drink wells let you carry any drink without spilling, as well as small objects such as bingo chips, marbles, pencils- anything at all! And when you’re not using it, this tray easily folds out of the way to let you walk freely.
  3. Medical Walker Basket– This adjustable walker basket clips onto the front of all walkers made with 1” metal tubing. The three hooks hold it securely in place, and the included plastic insert ensures that nothing falls through the bottom. This basket makes certain you will never again have to worry about carrying your things as you use your walker.
  4. See 4 Safety Mobility Light – Don’t let darkness get you down! This popular light clips to the front of your walker… and then you never have to touch it again. The light automatically senses low light levels, and then turns on when you move your walker. That’s it! No hands required at all, and you’ve made yourself safer and more confident in the dark.
  5. Saddlebag- The Nova Ortho-Med Saddlebag is one of the chicest walker accessories out there. Available in five eye-catching designs, this bag attaches to the side of any walker and includes external pockets for ID, photos, cell phones, and anything else as well as roomy zippered pockets. It sells like hotcakes, so don’t miss out!