Recently we wrote about what to consider when travelling with a walker. Here are some specific recommendations we think will be great for your summer travels.

Drive Adjustable Seat Height RollatorDrive Adjustable Seat Height Rollator

The Drive Adjustable Seat Height Rollator is our Pharmacist Recommended four wheel rollator because of its unique ability to adjust both the seat and handle heights so you can get a perfect fit. Plus, at only 14 pounds it’s one of the lightest rollators on the market, making it perfect for travel. It folds easily and can be stored in the trunk of your car. Comes in red or blue.

Invacare Value-Line 3-Wheel Rollator

The Invacare Value-Line 3-Wheel Rollator is one of our top value rollators. It comes with a pouch, basket, and tray for transporting personal items. It also folds easily and can fit in the trunk of your car. It does weigh a little more, but at only 17 pounds it’s still a lightweight rollator.     

Lumex HybridLX Rollator/Transport ChairLumex HybridLX Rollator/Transport Chair

Depending on your travel plans, you might prefer a rollator/transport chair so you’ll have the freedom to either walk or be pushed. The Lumex HybridLX is our Pharmist Recommended rollator/transport chair because of how easily you can switch between rollator and chair. It folds for storage in your car trunk, but weighs a bit more at 22 pounds. Comes in blue and titanium.

Medline Ultralight Freedom Rollator

At only 11 pounds, the Medline Ultralight Freedom Rollator is the lightest rollator on this list. Its seat height is adjustable and it includes a water resistant storage pouch and shoulder strap underneath the seat.

Drive Deluxe Folding Travel Walker

If you want greater stability and don’t plan to be travelling outdoors, a good option for you might be the Drive Deluxe Folding Travel Walker. The two-button trigger release allows you to close the walker without letting go of the hand grips. It can be easily folded and placed in a trunk, and it weighs less than 8 pounds.