Rollators make great walking aids. They’re more durable than standard walkers and allow for a more active lifestyle. When choosing a rollator, we recommend you—

3 Wheel Rollator1.Decide Between a 3 and 4 Wheel Rollator

3 wheel rollators are narrower and have a tighter turning radius, so you can navigate small spaces. Plus they’re lightweight which is important if you need to put them in a car trunk or carry them up stairs. 4 wheel rollators offer greater stability and come with a rest seat. Plus they have higher weight capacities and a broader height range.

2.Measure, Measure, Measure

Make sure you know what height and width you want for your rollator. To measure handle height, stand straight with your shoes on and have a friend measure from your wrists to the floor. For seat height, measure the height of a chair you can get in and out of easily. (Some rollators have adjustable seat heights, but not all.) For rollator width, measure the smallest place you’ll need to fit through—probably a hallway or door.

4 Wheel Rollator3.Check the Weight

Make sure you’re comfortably under the rollator’s weight capacity, so it will function correctly. If you have stairs and will need to regularly carry the rollator, make sure it’s light enough to do so.

4.Consider Getting a Rollator/Transport Chair

Getting a combination rollator and transport chair gives you the freedom to walk when you want to and be pushed when you want to. Plus rollator/transport chairs are lighter than traditional wheelchairs making them perfect for travel.

Nova Flip-Up Cup Holder5.Consider What Accessories Might Be Useful

Most rollators come with some built in storage, but that’s not always enough. You might consider getting a rollator bag or basket. Another popular accessory is the cup holder. If you travel a lot, you may also need a carry bag for checking your rollator onto flights.