The Transport Chair/Rollator Combo Serves You Better

December 19, 2011 2 min read

Medline Excel Rollator/Transport ChairRollators are a fantastic essential for those who simply need a little support to get around on their own, and transport chairs are a great, lightweight, and space-conscious alternative to the standard wheelchair. But what about the person who is too independent to sit in a chair all the time, but still needs help on longer excursions? People facing this situation often try to make do with a cane or a walker, but there is really a much better solution out there, and its name is the rollator/transport chair.

These combination items are carefully designed to serve the function of both items without losing any of the benefits or convenience of either. They are carefully engineered to be comfortable and to fit the needs of anyone in need of a mobility aid. Some, such as the Mabis Rollator/Transport Chair and the Drive Duet, look almost exactly like a standard rollator. Others, such as the Medline Excel, lean more towards the transport chair end of the spectrum, with soft seats and improved storage capacity.

In fact, for comfort and ease-of-use, the Medline Excel is probably the best rollator/transport chair there is. It features wide, heavy duty wheels, a flexible seat, loop-lock brakes, and multiple storage pouches. To switch it from a rollator to a transport chair, one simply needs to reverse the backrest and fold down the footrests. It even comes with its own cup holder! You won't find a better rollator/transport chair anywhere.

Why buy two mobility products when one will do? And why try to make a single-function aid do the work of two. Rollator/transport chairs are easily the best solution for a wide range of needs.