Every so often, something makes you stop and think, “Wow. I’m living in the future.” It may be a news article or a new study, something far out there and irrelevant to your daily life. Or, like in this case, it may be something that has just recently been made available to the general market. Prepare to be blown away, because today we are talking about carbon fiber, and what it can do for you.

Carbon fiber is a new, high tech material made in a long and complicated process. A mesh of carbon fiber strands are wound by hand around a central shaft, creating a unique and revolutionary product. When finished, carbon fiber products are extremely light and incredibly strong- in fact, they are lighter than aluminum, and much stronger than steel, making them the ideal material for…

Give up? Med-Aid has used this new material in the best possible manner by creating a series of canes made with carbon fiber shafts. These canes are incredibly light, yet still feature high weight capacities. They have been given derby style handles for comfort and support, and extra-stable tripod bases. They even have a carbon fiber quad cane option which is generally acknowledged to be the lightest quad cane ever made.

Carbon fiber is a fantastic new material with incredible benefits and a stylish, unique look. We are proud to offer this line of carbon fiber canes, and we hope you will take a few minutes to check them out.