When using a mobility aid, you notice things no one else does. Such as how awesome wheelchair ramps are or how annoying uneven door thresholds can be.

Don’t hassle with an uneven threshold every day! At JustWalkers.com, we now offer several threshold ramps to fit any size door or threshold height.

Threshold RampOne such ramp is the Harmar Threshold Ramp—the least expensive one we sell. They’ll fit thresholds ranging from 1 to 2 inches tall. They’re easy to install and sold individually, although many users may prefer to get two so they can put them on both sides of the threshold. Harmar Ramps offer a 3 Year Transferable Warranty.

The other popular type is the EZ Edge Threshold Ramps. Though a bit more expensive, they offer a gentle 1:12 slope. Unlike Harmar Ramps, EZ Edge Ramps also have sloped sides so you can enter or exit the room from any angle—not just straight on. EZ Ramps are designed to be extremely durable and slip resistant.

Whichever threshold ramp you choose, it can save you a lot of time and stress. Good luck and happy holidays!