“We frequently go out with my grandmother, and she uses a rolling walker. When she gets tired, she sits down and holds up the whole family. Is there some sort of rolling walker that is safe to push our grandma in?”

The best type of rollator for your situation is a rollator / transport chair. These can be used either as a traditional rollator that your grandmother pushes herself or, when she gets tired, as a transport wheelchair that your grandmother sits in while a loved one pushes her. All rollator / transport chairs have 4 wheels, a seat, and a backrest. Most also include a rollator bag or basket for easily accessible storage.

Specifically, we recommend the Drive Duet Rollator / Transport Chair. It offers a contoured, padded backrest which is reversible depending on whether you are using it in rollator or transport chair mode. When used as a transport chair, this rollator features foldable footrests and armrests for more comfort. Plus, the Drive Duet’s large 8 inch wheels allow users to get around both indoors and outside. The Drive Duet even includes an under the seat pouch for the safe storage of personal items.

The Drive Duet is made for users between 5’ 3” and 6’ 0” tall, weighs only 19 pounds, and has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Hopefully it will make family outings with your grandmother more fun and less tiring for everyone.