On the Just Walkers Blog, we like to write posts answering customer questions. But sometimes we’ll get questions which have short simple answers that don’t require a whole post to explain. Here are some of those questions along with their short answers, for the benefit of anyone else who might be wondering the same thing.

Which rollator is the narrowest? I have an old house with very narrow doorways, and all the rollators I have tried are too wide.

The Invacare Junior Rollator is the narrowest. It has a 23 inch width.

My grandfather is partially paralyzed and does not have use of his right arm. Is there a rollator that he can safely use?

Check out the Dolomite rollators. Specifically, we think you’ll find the Dolomite Symphony Rollator helpful. It can be modified to use a single hand brake. Plus, there is an optional part called the Hemiplegic Handle. It allows for your grandfather to help push the rollator using his body. With the Hemi Handle and the single hand brake, your grandfather should be able to use this rollator.

Can you special order a part for me?

Absolutely! We’re able to special order products for you even if the part is not listed on our website. We’ll just need the name of the manufacturer and model name.