10 year old Rylea Lambert lives with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. This means she and her best friend Jayci Stubblefield couldn’t play on the playground together during recess. Until Stubblefield decided to change that.

Stubblefield, along with her parents and principal Jason Beaty, went to the Aledo Education Foundation and the Aledo School Board to request the school’s playgrounds be made wheelchair accessible. And they got their wish. On November 16th, the school’s board of trustees unanimously approved the plan.

“Jayci came to me a year ago, and she had an idea,” Beaty told reporters. “It really took a collective community effort to make this little girl’s dream come true. And her dream was not for her. It was for her best friend.”

After the start of the new year, workers began on the playground changes. They took out the playground’s pea gravel and replaced it with more wheelchair friendly wood fiber. They’re also installing wheelchair accessible swings.

“It’s going great,” Aledo School District’s Chief Financial Officer Earl Husfeld said of the construction. “It’s going even quicker than I had anticipated… We’re learning about this process as we go. But I’m confident we’ll stay on track.” Lambert and Stubblefield look forward to being able to play on the playground together within the next few weeks.