Tameru Zegeye can travel 100 meters in 57.0 seconds, all while doing a handstand on his forearm crutches. He is now the official Guinness World Record holder for “Fastest 100 m in forearm crutches - inverted.”

Tameru developed his unique abilities as a kid in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He was born with deformed feet and was therefore unable to use his legs. Because of his disability, his mother abandoned him. Fortunately, his grandfather took him in. “When I was born my mother said I was cursed and carried the devil,” said Zegeye. “My grandfather saved my life. He said every human had the right to a a life and this is probably what has made me feel like I can achieve anything.”

First, Zegeye learned how to move around using just his arms. Then, a stranger he met in church paid for a life-changing surgery that allowed him to walk on his legs with the use of crutches. Zegeye learned not only how to walk, but also how to do tricks and acrobatics on the crutches. He now performs with a circus in Germany.

“One by one, I am achieving my dreams,” said Zegeye. “In my life I have personally achieved lots despite many struggles. This is my dream to be an official world record holder. And I want to show the world that even if I am disabled, I can do amazing things.”

You can see Zegeye’s amazing record breaking feat on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j41PMxG5cAw.