Innovative Walking Aids: Safety Rollers and Gait Trainers

February 21, 2013 2 min read

Not everyone can use a traditional 3 or 4 Wheel Rollator. Some require a more specialized device to get around. That’s why we offer a selection of specialty rollators and accessories, including the Drive Posterior Safety Roller and numerous accessories for the Drive Trekker Gait Trainer.

Drive Posterior Safety Roller

Safety rollers are designed for those who have trouble using a traditional rollator because they lean too far forward, apply too much weight to the arms, or push the rollator too quickly and lose control of their speed. As its name suggests, the posterior safety rollator supports users from behind. This not only provides safety while walking, but also requires the user to adopt and maintain an upright position, encouraging good posture.

Drive Posterior Safety RollerLike traditional rollators, the Drive Posterior Safety Roller can be used both indoors and outdoors. Users choose whether to set the wheels for full multidirectional mobility or to lock them in place to keep their path steady.

Drive Trekker Gait Trainer

Gait trainers are designed primarily for youth with disabilities who are not able to use a traditional walking aid. The Drive Trekker can be used either in the anterior or posterior position, depending on the user’s needs.

The Trekker helps users strengthen their muscles, learn to take steps, and increase their spatial awareness. In some but not all cases, users learn to walk independently after practice with a gait trainer. Like the Drive Posterior Safety Roller the Trekker wheels can be set for multidirectional use or locked in place. The Trekker also offers variable resistance on the wheels to control the user’s speed.

Due to the variety of conditions that may cause a user to need a Drive Trekker, there are a ton of accessories. We offer Ankle Prompts, Handgrips, Forearm Platforms, Hip Positioners and Pads, Thigh Prompts, and Trunk Support.