Best Walker for a Cruise

March 05, 2013 1 min read

Drive PhoenixAfter a recent cruise vacation, I took special note of the mobility products my fellow patrons were using. While cruise ships are surprisingly handicap accessibly (hallway hand rails, plentiful elevators, raised toilet seats, etc), there are some things to consider when planning for your next vacation.

  • Dining rooms are very tight, so walkers, rollators, and scooters must be parked outside the main doors. Make sure to have a special bag to set your walker apart so it is easy to find.
  • Hallways can be very tight, so you may consider brings a folding, travel cane so you can easily navigate short walks.
  • There can be long lines getting on and off the boat, as well as on excursions. Consider purchasing and bringing a seat cane so you can rest as needed.
  • Bringing a combination rollator/wheelchair will save space in your small cabin room, because you can only need one device to assist you and to allow others to push you.
  • A travel scooter is a great idea of you are with friends or family who are much more active. It allows you to keep up with the action! Don’t forget to charge your battery every night!