Got plain-jane crutches? Sick and tired of your drab, boring, underarm crutches? With just a little creativity, you can dress those crutches up into something fantastically unique and perfectly “you”. Here are five ideas to get you started.

  1. Add a crutch pad cover. We offer a variety of covers for underarm pads and crutch handgrips. Whether it’s black-as-night gel grips or fluffy fleece, you’re sure to find something to help personalize your crutch.
  2. Now that the pads are taken care of, it’s time to look at the rest of your crutch. Use permanent marker to add fun patterns to wooden crutches. Have your friends sign them – or write the lyrics of your favorite song on them.
  3. Try out a cute clutch bag. We have a variety of bags and clutches that can attach to your crutches to add a bit of color and oomph. Try these Nova clutches in a wide array of designs.
  4. Decals, decals, decals. Do you have a nearby store specializing in toy models or crafts? They should have a wide selection of decals you can also apply to your crutches. Try a racing stripe – or flames!
  5. Metal crutches can be wrapped in ribbons, studded in rhinestones, or even covered in wrapping paper. Stickers will make them stand out from the crowd without creating any hazards. Really, once you get started, the possibilities are endless!