SuperPole with SuperBar


SuperPole™ with SuperBar™
An award winning, expansion fit, floor to ceiling pole. Helpful for sitting and standing and can be installed in virtually any room. Features the SuperBar™, a horizontal pivoting and locking bar that mounts to the SuperPole™ to improve safety with additional gripping and weight bearing support.

Quick, Easy, Secure Installation: Simply turn the screw at the bottom of the pole and the pole will expand between the floor and ceiling, creating unparalleled sturdiness and reliability.

Versatile: Need to remove or relocate the pole? Not a problem! Rubber pads on the floor and ceiling plates prevent marking, even on stipple ceilings.

Innovative SuperBar™: A gentle lift unlocks the bar. Keep the bar up to move freely. Let the bar down to lock. Provides 8 locking positions around the SuperPole™.

Trusted Support: Push or pull on the bar to assist with sitting, standing and moving. To help prevent a forward fall, the bar will lock if released. Widely prescribed by therapists around the world.

Reduce Caregiver Strain: Maximize the use of available strength while a caregiver supervises. Promotes safe and independent movement.

Space Saver: Great for around the bath or toilet, where limited space can make it difficult for a wheelchair, walker, or rollator.

Weight Capacity: 300lbs
Floor to Ceiling Range: Standard 8ft. Ceilings. 93-99"/236-251cm,

Increase the floor to ceiling range on a SuperPole™ from 100-120"/254-305cm with the Uni-Fit Extender™. (Sold Seperately)

Shorter Ceiling Ranges: Custom cutting for shorter ceiling heights is also available, please inquire within.

Customer Reviews

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SuperPole - a better choice

This is our second SuperPole. Got one years ago with some other ADA items at an estate sale. SuperPole floated around the back yard for years-in the way. Almost got rid of it but then a couple of years ago we needed it and hard-installed it by the bed for my husband. Needed to buy another one for his chairside this year. Bought another product similar but no where near as effective with no traction grips. Returned it and spent a little extra to get the SuperPole since we realized it worked best. This one will be a floater. Wish it was more affordable to those on a lower income which is usually the case with disabled and elderly.