Standard Drink Holder for Electric Wheelchairs (2 Sizes)

  • Drink holder specifically for an electric wheelchair
  • Choose between a large and small version of this cup holder
  • Large cup holder is for mugs and large bottles, while smaller version fits cans and 20 ounce plastic bottles
  • Meant to be mounted under armrest using SnapIt! mounting system
  • Made of very durable high density polyethylene material that will never break!

Here are 2 high quality drink holders for electric wheelchairs. Choose from either a small or large drink holder for your electric wheelchair.

The smaller cup holder is meant to hold beverages like 12 ounce cans and 20 ounce plastic bottles, while the larger version of this cup holder is designed to hold larger containers like mugs, large water bottles, and cans with an insulated sleeve. Both of these cup holders mount under your electric wheelchair's armrest using the very reliable SnapIt! Mounting System.

The smaller cup holder has an inner diameter of 2.9" and an overall height of 3.95". The larger cup holder has an inner diameter of 3.62" and an overall height of 3.95".

Both versions of this product are crafted from high density polyethylene, an incredibly durable plastic that will not break! If somehow it does break, don't worry, there's a lifetime warranty you can use to get your product repaired or replaced at no additional cost (just pay shipping).


If a SnapIt!™ product fails under the normal use for which it is designed, return it to SnapIt!™ for repair or replacement at no charge. Shipping not included.

Manufacturer Item Code W001CA, W001KA
Walker Color Black