Snap-In Extended Reacher Holster

  • Reacher holster for all 3/4" diameter reachers
  • Holster fits on your walker, wheelchair, or rollator
  • Uses 2 hooks facing in opposite directions to keep your reacher in place
  • Holster sits snugly on the frame of your mobility device, and maintains a slim profile to allow you to pass through narrow doors and hallways

This is a holster designed to hold 3/4" diameter reachers on the side of your walker, wheelchair, or rollator. This holster holds the reacher using 2 opposite facing hooks. Simply snap the reacher onto the hooks, and it stays in place until you need it, coming off the holster with minimal effort. The holster fits up tight against the frame of your mobility device to allow you to progress through narrow doorways and hallways. Also, the reacher won't rattle up against the frame of your mobility device – the holster keeps it secured in place. The holster also can be fitted to either the left or right side of your walker, so you can apply it to whichever side is best for you! And, since this holster is made of high density polyethylene, it will not ever break!


If a SnapIt!™ product fails under the normal use for which it is designed, return it to SnapIt!™ for repair or replacement at no charge. Shipping not included.

Manufacturer Item Code W008
Walker Color Black

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