Slow Down Brake for Dolomite Melody and Soprano Rollators

Left or Right Hand Side
  • Slow Down Brake lets you control the speed of each rollator wheel individually
  • Gives the user more control of the rollator
  • Prevents rollator from rolling away when on an incline
  • Only works with Melody and Soprano model Dolomite rollators
  • Choose a Slow Down Brake for either the left or right side

The Slow Down Brake allows you to control the maximum speed for a wheel on your Dolomite rollator. The Slow Down Brake has a tension control to allow for individual settings for each wheel. The Slow Down Brake is a great way to increase the rollator's safety, as it ensures the rollator won't ever roll away from the user when used on an incline. This Slow Down brake is not interchangeable from the left side to the right - you must specify which side you require from the above drop down menu.

Only works with the Melody and Soprano model Dolomite rollators.

Manufacturer Dolomite
Manufacturer Item Code D12543L, D12543R
Size "N\/A"
Return Restocking Fee 50%
Return Restocking Fee 50%