Replacement Left or Right Brake for Drive Rollator (Models: 10208, 543, 544, 548, 301, 161, 162, 199, 10218, 10215)


This left or right replacement brake is meant for a Drive 4 wheel rollator with a model number of 10208, 543, 544, 548, 301, 161, 162, 199, 10218, 10215. This brake system will fit on either the left or right hand side of your rollator. Sold as a single brake system.

Please Note: this replacement hand brake will not work with older models - that is, models over 5 years in age.

Customer Reviews

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Beth C.
Worked out well!

The hand brake was relatively easy to replace. Looked up instructions online. Would have preferred written instructions for someone like me who has never replaced a brake before. Bottom line - the walker is no longer garbage but can be used for years to come.

Russell C.
Brake Cable assembly

Installed easy. Similar to Bicycle brakes. No difference from left or right brake levers drive logo was on same side of levers.

merrill w.

the break cord is only about a foot or two to long and there is all the extra hanging out and that sucks. have a nice day, i'll have to buy or find one that fits because the cord that you sent can work for two hand breaks.

Alice C.
Happy Aunt

My husband installed the new brakes on my 90 yeat old aunt's rollator and they work beautifully. She is very frail and has osteoporosis. She is now able to lock and unlock the brakes according to her needs. She is delighted with them. Thank you for helping my aunt maintain her mobilty which is very important to her!

Barbara A.
Drive Rollator Brakes

The brakes fit perfectly. Shipping was faster than estimated. Really like this company. Will be doing business with them again I am sure. Thanks.