Millennial In-Motion Forearm Crutches, 1 Pair

  • Ergonomic design reduces stress on arms and wrists
  • Energy absorbing spring-assist reduces impacts
  • Spring-assisted tips also make movement easier
  • Reduces the soreness and fatigue associated with standard crutches
  • Fully Molded Cuffs
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.

The Millennial In-Motion Forearm Crutches are designed for long term users. These lightweight and durable crutches have anatomically and ergonomically designed handles that keep wrists and hands in a natural position to decrease the pressure on wrists for increased comfort. The proper, downward angle the grips provide allows for blood flow and nerve conduction, thus reducing the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendonitis. The crutch tips on these forearm crutches use spring-assisted, shock absorption technology to help absorb the impacts of normal use to reduce joint and muscle stress. Upon forward movement, these crutch tips return energy positively using the spring-assisted technology, helping the user maintain forward momentum and thus move easier.

The uniquely-designed V shape of the cuff allows for easy arm entrance and provides a firm hold for hands-free use. The fully molded one-piece arm cuffs eliminate rivets and external hinges that can pinch or break.

With tips that last 35% longer than traditional crutch tips and a shaft made from durable, aircraft grade aluminum, these crutches are made to last. New and improved articulating tips ensure you are making sufficient contact with the ground, regardless of the angle. Even at extreme angles, the tip remains in secure contact with the ground, decreasing the chances of slippage and increasing your security.

Millennial Forearm CrutchesMillennial Forearm Crutches


Standing upright with good posture, hands to the sides, measure from the floor to your hip. Using this measurement, look at the range of handle heights and be certain the measurement is within the range of this crutch.

Size User Height Height Adjustments
Short 3’6” - 5’ 21” - 28.5”
Tall 5’ - 6’4” 28” - 40”


One year warranty

Manufacturer Item Code MWD7000B, MWD7000BK, MWD7000R, MWD7500BK, MWD7500R
Weight Capacity 301-400 lbs
Weight Capacity Range 350 lbs.
Item Weight 0-10 lbs
Height 21 to 40 inches (depends on crutch size)
Product Weight 2 lbs per crutch (4 lbs. together)
UPC Code 186082000067, 186082000074

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
What happened?!?!

The crutches have been our go to brand and design for the past few years for our teenage daughter. The last set that was sent to us has been nothing but a disappointment! The first day she used them the top cuff snapped off. We had another we could attach from and old set so we did and continued to use them. The next day the other side snapped off. Both sides off a brand new set of crutches snapped off. Today, after one week of using them the hand hold is peeling apart and she slipped after losing her grip. I am beyond disappointed with the quality of these once reliable crutches and am looking for a new company to use! What happened to your quality??


the crutches are comfortable ,but the rubber hand grips although comfortable they are riveted and rip from crutch. that part is a poor design. I HOPE I can get a better replacement grip.

I'm not happy with these crutches

Product used to aid in walking.

Dangerous Product-Broken Collarbone

Initially, I thought the crutches were good with their spring tips; their shock-absorbing feature made walking more comfortable.

But over time, I discovered a terrible design flaw (I wrote the manufacturer but never received a reply).......the hand grips. Every few days, I had to tighten the screws at the outer ends of the ergonomic hand grips.

In May, 2018, I was using my crutches as I was leaving my home. As I passed thru the doorway, the right hand grip screw fell out & the handle slid off! I fell & hit the wooden doorframe breaking my collarbone.

When the EMTs arrived, they checked the crutches & immediately discarded them after pronouncing them dangerous.

No, would not buy product

The design is bad. The hand grips slant down making you loose your grip.