Medline UltraLight Transport Wheelchair



At only 14.8 lbs. with a 19” breathable nylon seat, the Ultra-Light Transport Wheelchair is lighter others and still has a 300 lb. weight capacity. The back of the chair contains a key ring and multiple pockets for belongings such as wallets, iPods, cell phones, and bottles. The Ultra-Light Transport Wheelchair has a fold-down back and swing-away footrests for easy storage and transport. It features comfortable padded arm rests, an adjustable seatbelt, and a cup holder in a convenient location for the user.

Customer Reviews

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Nancy H.

This was a gift for my mom who has mobility issues and my brother who assists her. My brother was tired of breaking his back carrying their old heavy chair up and down the stairs. He loves this. Said it is very light yet super strong. My mom is 5'8" and weighs 215 lbs. She says it is comfortable with an added cushion. They feel secure using it.


Nice features with leg supports which can be flipped out of the way, and several pockets in the back for cell phone, mask, or other items, and a cup holder. Even has a clip for a cane. Folds easily to throw into the trunk of a car, and is light weight enough to handle. The front wheels can be a problem going over cracks--they turn around and get stuck, so it is best to back over large cracks. This chair might be too flimsy for a larger person, but it is just right for my 160# husband. I hope it holds up for awhile. We have been using it most days for getting to and from the hospital clinic parking lot into the clinic.

Jennifer W.

Lightweight but sturdy and easy to handle in and out of the car. Had all the features I needed at a price I could afford.

Marion C.
Weight is Perfect

I needed a light-weight chair that I (as an elderly woman) could handle in and out of the car - this was a great choice.