In-Motion Articulating Tips

  • In-Motion Crutch Tips fit the In-Motion Pro Crutch, and the In-Motion Forearm Crutch

In-Motion Articulating Tips fit all of our In-Motion Spring Assist Products - product numbers MWD6000, MWD6500, MWD5600, MWD7000, & MWD7500.

Articulating crutch tips are made of a high quality stryo-butane rubber composite which contributes to the long life of the tip. This specially designed tip gives greater stability because the foot of tip remains in more contact with the ground’s surface at all angles. This eliminates dangerous sheer forces, the lack of traction, and uneven wear typical with the standard style crutch tip. These tips are Latex free.

The inside diameter of this tip is - 11/16" (.7 inches or 18 millimeters).