Guardian Folding Walker Tray

  • Recommended for Guardian walker models G07755, G07756, G30755P, G30757W, G30756P and G30758W
  • Comes with two cup holders
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Flips down and out of way when not in use
  • Made of durable plastic for long-lasting use
  • Fits walkers that are 17" wide between handles

The Guardian Folding Walker Tray is a helpful and convenient addition to most standard walkers, though it is specially designed for Guardian brand walkers. This folding tray features two cup holders and a raised rim which helps prevent items from sliding off. It attaches and detaches easily with a sturdy snap-on mechanism. Fits walkers that are 17" wide between handles.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 22"W x 12"D (with attached brackets) / 16" x 11.5" (tray only)
Manufacturer Guardian
Manufacturer Item Code 7850
UPC Code 80196170336

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
It's a terrific product but...

We were having difficulties finding this tray for a bariatric walker. Your salesperson said it would fit so wecan purchased our second tray. IT DIDN'T FIT EITHER! Please make a collapsable tray for the larger walker.

It's fine

It attaches easily to the walker, no tools needed.

Walker Tray

Have used this product for 8 years--however, the one they now sell is much lighter in weight and I feel not as sturdy. The box arrived with a Medline label, although it was advertised as a Guardian. I called to check and the response was that Medline bought Guardian but kept the name. There is a distinct difference in the older made model ( mine was purchased 8 yrs ago) to the one made now. However, it is a wonderful addition to a walker and allows you to be so much more independent. Don't know what I would do without mine !!!

Nice product but too heavy for the walker

Tray was easy enough to install, however, when she slid it back vertical then tried to walk, the walker fell over from the weight of the tray all on front of walker. Held food, drinks fine when upright position.

Helpful but not perfect.

Tray was a little difficult to get level, and did not stay level. Raised edge keeps most things from sliding off but not everythingh