Drive Trekker Gait Forearm Platform

  • Height and depth adjustable
  • Fully rotatable, extendable, and angle adjustable
  • Mount anywhere on handlebar
  • Contoured armrest with arm and wrist straps

These Forearm Platforms are specifically for the Drive Medical Trekker Gait Trainer. They are both height and depth adjustable, allowing for a comfortable fit for users. The forearm platforms can rotate, supinate and pronate, and the handgrips extend forward and backward, supinate, pronate and are angle adjustable. They can be mounted anywhere on the handlebar, facing toward the inside or outside of the trainer for lateral adjustability. To ensure the user's comfort and safety, the contoured armrests come with arm and wrist straps.
Manufacturer Drive Medical
Manufacturer Item Code TK 1035 S, TK 1035 L
UPC Code 822383252070, 822383252063