Drive Nitro Cup Holder

  • Fits all Nitro Rollators

  • Fits the Nitro rollator only
  • Swivels to keep your drink level
  • Mounts tool-free
  • Weighs .25 lbs
  • 4" L x 3.5" W x 6" H

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Cannot install, doesn't fit

I can't get this cup holder to snap in place. Maybe someone a lot stronger than I can snap it in place. I didn't have any trouble mounting the parts of the cane holder so I'm baffled why the cup holder is so hard to mount.

We are sorry to hear about the difficulty you are encountering. The Drive Nitro Cup Holder is designed specifically for the Drive Nitro. If you have another make/model rollator, the cup holder will not attach properly.
Too small for the nitro TALL. Does not just clamp on

Maybe it fits the regular nitro

Solid and heavy duty

Yes this product does work for me.

Very Small

This is a nice cup holder that fits tight and swings well for preferred placement. However, it is small and must be designed just for bottles. Coffee cups, nope. Styrofoam drink cups, nope. Reusable water bottles, nope. But a cell phone fits in it so that helps. Wish I had noticed the small size before ordering it.

Useful but not perfect

It is hard to press this device onto the side of the walker, and it mounts at a slant so a n uncovered glass or a cup spills. I like the convenience of having it available tho, for bottled water.
It does get in the way of slipping the folded walker between the floor of the back seat of a car and the back of the front seat, my favorite spot for storing it so it never needs tp be lifted into the trunk. Mounting the holder on the inside of the upright prevents folding. There is no perfect solution.
The front fabric basket holds bottled water, if it is propped up, very well too.