Drive Nimbo Rehab Lightweight Posterior Posture Walker with Seat


The Drive Nimbo Rehab Posterior Posture Walker with Seat is a lightweight, foldable child’s walker ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Its sturdy aluminum frame is brightly colored and appealing. Each wheel can be independently adjusted. The Nimbo Walker comes with latex-free handgrips with flanged ends, and can be easily used in the posterior position.

All four wheels are skid resistant, non-marking wheels made from soft rubber which adheres to any surface. The front wheels can swivel for enhanced maneuverability and ease of turning, or be locked into a fixed position. The unidirectional rear wheels with aluminum ratchet and pin mechanism will not allow the walker to slide backwards accidentally, but this can be disengaged to allow for forward and reverse mobility.

Available in 4 different sizes (from smallest to largest):

  • Extra Small (Petite) - Knight Blue color
  • Small - Castle Red color
  • Medium - Wizard Purple color
  • Large - Knight Blue
  • Extra Large - Emperor Black