Dolomite Legacy Rollator

Rollator Color
  • Curb climber is not included
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Approximate user height: 4'9"-5'-4" (Super Low), 5'-5'6" (Low), 5'5"-6' (Standard)
  • Height adjustments: 28"-31" (Super Low), 31"-34" (Low), 33"-37" (Standard)
  • Forward facing handles that promote better posture
  • Folding frames for ease in storage and transporting
  • Flexible back strap
  • Stepped handle height adjustment
  • Weighs: 15 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs. capacity

Reliable and durable describe the Legacy. Dolomite’s design incorporates a flip up seat for greater reach and gait training. The large 8” wheels are for indoor or outdoor use. The DABS patented braking system is easy to use for direct braking or parking. The welded steel frame improves durability and provides the rollator with a weight capacity of 350 lbs. Legacy is currently being used by many of our nation’s veterans.

Legacy comes in 3 seat/frame heights:

  • Standard: 33" to 37" Handle Height Range
  • Low: 31" to 34" Handle Height Range
  • Super Low: 28" to 31" Handle Height Range

Each of these heights come in two colors, Metallic Blue and Candy Apple Red.

  • Curb climber is not included


2 year warranty on the frame only

Manufacturer Dolomite
Manufacturer Item Code D12050B, D12050R, D12052B, D12052R, D12054B, D12054R
Weight Capacity 301-400 lbs
Weight Capacity Range 350 lbs.
Item Weight 11-20 lbs
Height Super Low: 28" - 31" ; Low: 31" - 34" ; Standard: 33" - 37"
Upholstery Color Black
Overall Width 23"
Width Between Arms/Handles 17"
Style With Carry Basket
Wheel Size 8"
Product Weight 15 lbs.
Seat Height Super Low: 19" ; Low: 22" ; Standard: 24"
Seat Dimensions 7" x 14"
Braking Style Loop
Wheels Four
UPC Code "With Carry Basket"
Return Restocking Fee 50%

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Awesome quality

I use it to get around the house. I zip tied the basket to the frame because it falls off with the slightest bump you go over. I like the size and the way it gets me into small areas.
The handles are easy to adjust, and comfortable. The Dolomite Legacy is a bit pricey, but I guess you get quality when you pay for it. I have used many other rollators, including the over sized Dolomite Soprano, which I sold at a big loss. It couldn't go into small rooms or through narrow halls or doorways. I am happy with my selection of the Dolomite Legacy and highly recommend.

I named mine 'Speedy"

I found my Dolomite Legacy here, but it was issued to me by the VA Hospital (sorry!).
This rollator is sturdy. The backward handles are genius, and very comfortable. The Legacy folds with one pull on the handle in front of the seat, and stays folded so you can just swing it into the car or the back of your pickup. The brakes work better than any brakes on any other rollator I've used, and you can stand it up not folded in the back of a boxy SUV, Scion xB, or pickup and trust the brakes to keep in in place (with a bungee cord to keep it from tipping sideways). The fold up seat is the best; you can walk directly between the handles. I did replace the strap that you lean against with a belt made by a local belt maker. A full size laptop backpack fits in the wire basket, and the belt can be buckled through the carry loop to keep it in place. Keep the buckle side short so you aren't leaning into the buckle if you sit. I also put extra cushion on the handles to accommodate an old thumb injury... pipe insulation cut to length and held on with Zip-Ties! Works great.
The seat the Legacy comes with is a hard seat with the option to buy a cushion. I haven't found any reason to cushion it; a folded sweatshirt does the trick.
The wheels are big, and roll easily over bumps and rough ground. We go on minor hikes with mine, and it will roll easily on a dirt trail. There's no 'give' or cheap feeling to it. Its well built and doesn't flex. It's also good up to a few inches of snow. I lean very hard on mine because I use it to offload a bad knee, and I never question its support.
Yes, I would buy this rollator for any family member. And yes, I did name it Speedy!

*5'9" tall, average weight for height

Excellent product!

The Dolomite Legacy Rollator is an excellent product. It is extremely sturdy with wheels that roll easily over a variety of surfaces. The rollator appears superior to other brands that I have seen on the city streets. The brake mechanism is also excellent, allowing my husband to stand up with confidence as he transfers from a sitting position. Last but not least, the standard size provides a high enough height adjustment that is appropriate for my 6-foot tall husband.

Best Walker Ever!

The Dolomite Legacy Standard is VERY stable. I feel very secure using my Dolomite Legacy Standard. The larger wheels make it easier to go up curbs and over uneven pavement. Everyone likes my new red Dolomite Legacy Standard! I like it, too.

So thankful to have this product!

So thrilled to have this walker with the option of one hand brake which operates both sides!