Dolomite Alpha Gutter Arm Rollator


Braking Style
The Details
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  • Height adjustments: 37.5" - 47"
  • Many height adjustments for a fully customizable walker
  • Seat flips up for gait training and greater reach
  • Includes removable basket with carry handle
  • Welded steel frame that folds for transport
  • Weighs: 24 lbs. (Basic) or 25 lbs. (Advanced)
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs.
Attribute Details
Color Blue
Warranty 2 year limited warranty on frame, 5 year limited warranty on brake assembly.
Manufacturer / Item Code Dolomite / D12230, D12220
Weight Capacity Range 201-300 lbs
Item Weight 21-30lbs
Height Max. 47"
Upholstery Color Black
Width Between Arms/Handles 17"
Includes Platform Attachments
Wheel Size 8"
Size Adult
Product Weight 28lbs
Seat Height 24.5"
Seat Dimensions 7" x 14"
Return Restocking Fee 50%
Additional Info
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The Dolomite Alpha rollator addresses the needs of anyone who cannot use a standard hand grip or brake handle. The hollowed forearm pads provide support the arm all the way from elbow to wrist, perfect for users who experience pain in their forearms. A variety of adjustments can be made to angle, height, and distance for the forearms pads and brake handles allowing for maximum comfort. This rollator is specifically designed to adjust exactly to a user’s needs – absolutely no part of it is unchangeable. The Alpha Gutter Arm Walker features curb climber technology which assists the back wheels when the front of the walker is lifted. Also included are a removable basket, an Allen key for on-the-go adjustments, and a magnetic security latch to hold the walker in place during use. The rollator includes 8” wheels, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

The Alpha Basic has traditional looped brakes and handles turned vertical, perfect for arthritic fingers or anyone who needs extra support to find a good walking position.

The Alpha Advanced has a cushioned handle on a ball joint, allowing the user to adjust the angle of the handle as necessary. Even the operating direction of the brakes can be changed to accommodate any user - braking can be accomplished by pushing or pulling depending on the joint setting.

**Note: Some images show accessories that are not included with this rollator.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great walker for me!

I have an incomplete spinal cord injury and have "worn out" my wrists and elbows walking with a traditional walker. The Dolomite Alpha Forearm walker provides much relief from pain and allows me to walk further than ever. I use the walker for longer distances and to provide me the opportunity to get some exercise.
it took some getting used to since the wheels are so big but they provide great stability.

Weekday g.
This is the second one we purchased. Love it.

We now have one for use in the house, and one we keep in the car. It is wonderful to be able to walk down ramps, or downhill utilizing the brakes with great control. The large wheels provide stability. It is nice to have a seat, but it is awkward. My arms are constrained. Also, we need to get cap screws to replace the ones that are stripped. I have not called customer service yet but will.

to fast for the slow

very well built. but because of the large wheels it moves very fast. would be hard to use if you are a slow walking person. you may lose your balance if it takes off on you. it should have a damper system on the back wheels to slow it down for elderly or slow walking people.

Just what we needed !!!

We were looking for a very specific type of walker and didn't think it existed. My wife and I are both physical therapists and needed something special for her mom, which would get through doorways easier and was easy to maneuver for weaker people who were in pain. And this fits the bill better than anything else we could find.