Disposable KN95 Face Masks - Personal Use - Pack of 10 - Updated



KN95 face masks work by using a 4 layer filtration system to  filter out airborne particles such as harmful pollutants, dust, smoke, fiberglass, wood, and other allergens allowing you to breathe easier, and protect your lungs. Each mask is disposable, and by wearing a new mask each time you are going to come into contact with airborne allergens or pollutants helps ensure maximum filtration to protect your respiratory system. To ensure proper use, the mask should fit snugly to the contour of your face. You can adjust the fit of the mask using the adjustable nose bridge, and secure the mask comfortably behind your ears with the soft elastic ear loops designed to eliminate pressure to the outer ear. Masks should fit most adults and children, and can be used year round when visiting public areas such as grocery stores, pharmacies, parks, and post offices. 

Note: These masks are not NIOSH certified..  These masks are intended for use by non-medical personnel and no claim is being made about their effectiveness against specific pathogens.  U.S. health care providers should consult the FDA guidance at this link prior to use.   The manufacturer of this mask is an establishment registered with the FDA.  Testing by the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory indicates a maximum filter efficiency for this mask at 90.04%

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a KN95 mask and how does it compare to an N95 respirator mask.

A: N95 masks are manufactured to meet a certain U.S. test standard defined by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).  The 3M company is probably the best known for their N95 respirators in the U.S.  KN95 masks are manufactured in China and certified against a similar standard. 

Q: How do I know if the KN95 mask I buy meets the certification standards.

A: Our KN95 masks are sourced from reputable manufacturers in China that are registered with the U.S. FDA.  

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Customer Reviews

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Julie R.
Best Masks Ever

I bought three sets of the masks and gave one to my sister, one to my son and the 3rd one for myself. I am such a fan of the mask that I wanted to share it with my family. They fit extremely well, good ventilation when worn outside, and very comfortable. Highly recommend these as we will need them for the long term.

Julie R.

Wore first mask for about 2 weeks, and one strap tore off already. Not as durable as I would like.

Is a tight fit

Definitely fits tightly over your face but for me it is a little too tight and a little uncomfortable but it is stiff if that is what you want

The ULTIMATE, all you need mask

They’re a little more expensive for good reason. The mask is luxuriously soft, durable, comfortable for hours! It rests over your face firmly yet delicate on the skin. You can’t help but feel safer outside!
Once you go K95, all other masks get kicked to the side!

Vanessia J.
Best mask to purchase

Secure fit and breathable