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The CastCooler® is a newly patented device that provides immediate relief for an itchy cast. The CastCooler dries moist areas under your cast without touching your skin. Keeping your cast's lining dry and cool is the best way to relieve an itching cast and reduce smelly cast odor. A dry lining stays fresh and inhibits bacteria growth...the source of odor and itch.

Odor and Itch - The CastCooler introduces new patient benefits by addressing the two long-standing issues associated with an orthopedic cast - odor and itch. The root cause of these problems is moisture, typically from perspiration, which remains trapped in the lining of the cast. As bacterium grow in the continually moist cast lining, odor and itch result. Until now, there was no way to effectively remove this moisture.

The CastCooler freshens the cast wearing experience by removing moisture from the cast lining without touching the patient. This reduces and relieves both odor and itch. Further, the CastCooler requires no changes to the cast application process or materials. The CastCooler is designed to be used with all breathable (fiberglass) orthopedic casts.

Connect a standard vacuum hose (vacuum cleaner, shop vac or central vac) to the nozzle connection of the CastCooler. Turn vacuum on. Relax and enjoy the cooling sensation of moisture being removed from the lining through your breathable (fiberglass) cast. Allow the flow of fresh air to completely dry your cast lining, usually within 10 minutes. Move the CastCooler to dry/cool other areas of your cast as needed. Repeat as often as desired or when your cast becomes moist or uncomfortable.

Fit to all limbs and sizes, child to adult:
The CastCooler accommodates all limb sizes and shapes by conforming to irregularities and sealing against the cast. The wrap needs to completely surround the cast and overlap to cling onto itself. If the wrap is longer than necessary, simply trim the wrap with scissors as indicated by the "cut here" guidelines provided. Only remove additional length as needed. Reapply the CastCooler.

When the new CastCooler wrap arrives, please take a few minutes to carefully read the assembly instructions. Take special note to:

1) Completely remove the paper backing from the blue vinyl wrap and,

2) Gently insert the CastCooler nozzle through the tacky/non printed side of the vinyl wrap taking care not to tear or damage the vinyl.

The CastCooler may collect debris during normal use. Simply rinse wrap with clear water while lightly rubbing the debris away. Then hang dry the wrap. This will restore the wraps original cling properties.

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Sudhamsh M.
Not Worth the Price

I would not suggest this product to anyone. 50$ in gutter!!