Cane/Umbrella Holster for Electric Scooter

  • This is a cane/umbrella holster meant to fit an electric scooter or chair
  • Mounts to 13/16" and 1" square tubing
  • Made of highly durable polyethylene material that will last
  • Material also dampens the cane/umbrella's rattle, giving you more peace and quiet

This umbrella/cane holster mounts to 13/16" and 1" square tubing that's commonly found on electric scooters and chairs. The high density polyethylene material this holster is made from won't mar the surface of your cane or umbrella while dampening the annoying rattling sound created from walking. This material the holster is made from is also incredibly durable and will not break - if the product somehow manages to break, you're covered by the lifetime warranty. The inner diameter of this cane/umbrella holster is 2" and its overall height is 14."


If a SnapIt!™ product fails under the normal use for which it is designed, return it to SnapIt!™ for repair or replacement at no charge. Shipping not included.

Manufacturer Item Code W007S
Walker Color Black