byacre rollator accessories



Make your lightweight Byacre four wheel rollator even more deluxe with these add ons including:


  • Easy to attach and detach to the rollator. With the included shoulder strap it can be turned into a purse that can be carried over the shoulder. 
  • Inside is spacious enough to fit all your smaller accessories such as your phone, keys and wallet.
  • The wear and weather resistant polyester material is a beautiful grey melange color that also prevents stains. It is practical to fold when not in use, and easy to wash with just a wet cloth. 


  • Opens with a zipper and offers a great overview of your belongings. It has a large room with an elegant lining and a smaller pocket so you can organize the smaller objects.
  • Attaches to the rollator with the hooks on side and the elastic at the back, which attaches to the cross of the rollator to keep the bag firmly in place. TIP! You can attach a shoulder strap to the hooks on the bag so you have the opportunity to carry the bag without the rollator.
  • Made of wear and weather resistant polyester material. The bag is also practical to fold when not in use and easy to wash with just a wet cloth. 

Grocery Bag:

  • Includes a smart and easy open/close system which lets you shop with no difficulty. Perfect for a self scanner, but also simple to unload, check out and transport back home. The spacious design gives room for a tote bag inside.
  • The material is easy to clean and maintain, since it is made out of the wear and weather resistant polyester. The material also makes it foldable for easier storage when not in use. To clean it, you just have to wipe it with a wet cloth. 

Cane Holder

  • With the cane holder, you can easily attach your cane to the rollator frame.
  • Easy to use. Clip on the top clip to the seat frame and slide the holder onto the bottom part of the frame. The clip comes in two sizes, to make sure that it matches whatever cane size you are using. 


  • Comfortable backrest that gives support for your lower back
  • Easy to attach and detach, with height options for a personal fit
  • Can be used in every type of weather

Travel Bag:

  • Keeps your rollator safe and scratch free during travels
  • Custom made for the Carbon Ultralight’s dynamic design, to keep it protected in all the right places
  • Sturdy material, perfect for every situation
  • Dual strap system with both carry-handle and an adjustable shoulder strap

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