byACRE Carbon Ultralight Comfort Walker Rollator-Limited


The Details
  • Made with lightweight materials, this 4 wheel rollator is easy to fold and will easily fit in any car, train, boat or airplane, so you can keep discovering the world around you.
  • Stylish design inspired by the organic shapes of fast moving animals, such as dolphins, sharks and falcons. It is easy to manoeuvre and provides a smooth, fast and effortless ride.
  • The built in seat enables you to use the rollator as a chair at any time you may need to sit down.
  • Handles are designed to help you walk upright and easily maneuver the rollator. With forward-pointing handles, you will be walking with a better posture and put less strain on your back and shoulder.
Attribute Details
Weight Standard 10.6 pounds
Seat Width Standard 16.5 in
Seat Height Standard 24 in
Width Standard 24.6 in
Folded Width Standard 9.8 in
Handle Height Standard 31-35.8 i
Width Between Handles Standard 15.3 in
Max User Weight Standard 285 lbs
Warranty 2 year Manufacturer, byACRE 800-633-5463
Rollator Colors Limited Edition Red
Additional Info

The CARBON ULTRALIGHT ROLLATOR is a super lightweight rollator. It is recognized for its innovative and unique design by the world-renowned RED DOT design award, and simply a walker that keeps you going - in style! With the lightweight materials, easy folding, and sleek lines, it will easily fit in any car, train, boat or airplane, so you can keep discovering the world around you. The wheels are soft, handles turned for more upright posture, and the brake cables have been hidden inside the frame for a more streamlined look. The rollator comes fully assembled and the small organizer bag with shoulder strap is included.

Hidden brake cables. When the cables are hidden inside the frame the expression of the rollator instantly becomes more light and simple.

Handles that make you feel good? Handles are formed them in a way so it feels like you are holding someone else’s hand when grabbing on to them. Furthermore, the handles are turned in the opposite direction as opposed to traditional rollators. This gives a better posture while also making the rollator easier to maneuver around, because you are using the palms of your hands – not the fingers.

Height adjustment made easy. The height adjustment functionality needed a bit of upgrading. We therefore decided to replace to traditional knob with a button instead. Besides adding sleekness to the handles it also makes the adjusting much easier.

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